Another realization

I think it was the beginning of 2009 that I came up with this brilliant idea of posting items related to my projects on the project blog pages, e.g. anything related to my project Insomnia would be on the Insomnia blog (

Okay, so this was not so brilliant.

But like any idea, it was worth a try and this time it did not work out to my satisfaction. Probably not yours either, as it meant jumping from one place to another to see if I had anything of value to read. So for the project (Insomnia or project of the day), my thoughts here, and a few updated photos posted on both blogs. Thus, visit the project blog only if you just want to see the current photos.

Keep my life simple, and hopefully yours as well. So the photobook reviews will still be on The PhotoBook, and everything else here. nice.

Best, Douglas

BTW, that also means that I have just deleted all of my writing off the project blogs and left just the photographs.

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