Insomnia project update

Okay, this is putting a positive spin on reality; one of the up-sides of my intense travel schedule this past four months has been to allow myself some space between finishing my Insomnia: Hotel Noir book dummy last Fall and examining it again now. When I brought this dummy with me to Italy last month, I realized that I had not really looked at it for the last four months. So reading it again was refreshing, probably not unlike the late Gary Winogrand’s mantra of not wanting to look at his photographs for about a year after he made them, to gain some needed perspective.

Meanwhile, I have also completed another twenty photobook reviews during the interim, taking mental notes of what I appreciated and what was not working for me.  And so I realize that my concept for this project and printing it with a blue tonality is really rubbing me the wrong way. The use of the blue toning is making this project look too obvious, such that it seems that I am unsure of the underlying strength of the body of work, and appears that I am searching for a gimmick to help make it work. sigh. reality sucks.

So I will be working on this project again, another refinement.

Meanwhile, rather than outright deleting the Blue Edition dummy off of Blurb while I reconfigure this project, I am just going to not make it publicly available anymore. In the past, I would just delete the Blurb book and that would be it. This time, I am going to try a slightly different tack, but I need to pull the details together first.

Best regards, Douglas

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