Flat Irons lookout

Boulder Lookout for the Flat Irons, CO 2010 by Douglas Stockdale

Heading towards Boulder on 36 a couple of times and I had noticed that there was this Lookout, which I had suspected was for the range of mountains known as the Flat Irons. Why was it call Flat Irons, I don’t know, but it is. So on this trip, since it was a clear day and had snowed a couple of days before, why not stop and see what someone had thought was worth the stop to see. Like at Disneyland where they have big signs indicating that this was a photogenic spot. I guess we would not have known if someone had not told us, eh?

So I stopped and there was this couple taking photographs of what they thought was interesting, then starting to take some photos of themselves. So I start taking my photographs of them. But they did not ever try to get the both of themselves in the photograph. I almost asked if they would try, but just opted to ask if I could use their camera to take a photo of the two of them together, which they were very happy that I did. After which we chatted for a couple of minutes, I got the abridged life story and soon they were in the car and on their way.

A good deed done, but I forgot to tell them that I was also photographing them. Oh, well, details, details.

Best regards, Douglas

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