Nightscape – Fiumicino

Nightscape – Fiumicino, Italy 2020 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Finishing up this trip to Roma, we were staying at Fiumicino out by the Roma International airport and had a recommendation for one of the local seafood restaurant, Zi Pina, which turned out to have both great seafood and a very nice selection of wines, so thank you Giuseppe and Stefano for your recommendations. Oh yes, recommended.

Afterwards, I worked a little on some nightscapes as we walked back to our hotel and I think I will try this again. One of the issues with this travel schedule and trying to pack relatively light is not packing a tripod this time around. Since these are 5 to 15 second exposures, need to be flexible with a sturdy support so using car roofs, ledges, and almost anything that appears relatively sturdy. Of course nice thing with digital, instant feedback and the chance to consider a re-take if it appeared to be close aesthetically and formated to my taste. So not a specific project per se, but a collection of momentos and singular images that might inspire a new line of interest.

Fiumicino is located at the mouth of the river and lined with commercial fishing boats. No doubt this area is a source of much of the seafood served upstream in Roma.

Ciao, Douglas

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