Chicago (Paris)

Chicago (Paris) copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Yesterday afternoon I had a nice discussion with the French photographer Mathieu Lambert about his book Fake Tales of America. I will review his book later this month on The PhotoBook, but for now this post is more about the idea behind his book: even if you have not been to a place, can you create a photo-documentary about a fantesy visit? Mathieu has not been to America, but his girl friend at the time did go and he was unable to join her, so he created a series of photographs as if he had taken a tour of America.

Interesting concept, which is to say if we had not been to India, and yet be living in Detroit, Rome, Atlanta or Berlin, could you find locations and create photographs of what you might see if you did tour India? To think that this is possible probably speaks to the amount of photographic images that we are bombarded with, are available on the internet and the resulting sterotypes created by media messages and the cinema.

Something to think about, eh?

Best regards, Douglas

BTW, Mathieu is still interested in visiting America, but now he is thinking that while touring America, could he find locations and situations that might be if he were instead touring France.

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