Fiuggi – A Death in the Family

Fiuggi Funeral Procession, Copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Yesterday I had commented on a photograph from Fiuggi that I could easily relate to and potentially understand. In direct contrast was the photograph I made in the old quarters of (Up Town) Fiuggi of a funeral procession that was ending at the entrance to this church.

Death, loss and grief I understand, but on this occasion, there is a great much that I do not understand. I suspect that the deceased was from this part of the city, but I do not know. Was this person a man, woman or young adult? Again, I do not know, as I do not know the cause of death nor the traditions of the funeral that proceeded this procession, why this type of procession, the service which is about to occur and the events that might occur afterwards? Who was the woman that was standing at the top of the stairs at the enterance to the church as the procession came down the street and then she turned away and could not watch as the casket was being carried into the church?

Language is a huge barrier as I am unable to obtain any information other than what you see in this photograph above.

But what you see in this Black and White photograph are not the “facts”. To illustrate, what does the black and white photograph communicate to you as compared with the color photograph directly below? Or how does the full frame color photograph compare to the cropped version which eliminates the woman on the left in the foreground with the bright bluish-purple pants?

For me, the full frame color photograph which includes the woman with the bluish-purple pants does not appear to me to be appropriate for a Funeral, which is part of my cultural bias that I carry about with me. Nevertheless, she is there at this time observing and did not take part in the funeral procession itself and nor did she enter the church with the others. She could have easily been like me, where the circumstances on a Saturday morning in the old section of Fiuggi happen to bring us together to be at this location when the funeral procession was occurring. But I don’t really know that for sure. I really do not understand Fiuggi.

Best regards, Douglas

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