Fiuggi park

Fiuggi Park, Copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Early in the morning, this park was teeming with children playing, but then the Italian summer heat set in at noon and that pretty well cleared out most of the families, as it was now a good time to spend some quality time indoors or someplace cooler.

When I walk through a small park like this one, I have a sense that I understand how the families and kids here in Fiuggi react to the various slides, swings and other amusement toys. But if my theory from yesterday’s post is indicative of the cultural difference between Americans and Italians, especially in this central region of Italy, then I have to belive that I am not much different from a Martian who just dropped in from outer space watching all of this. Which is also indicative of the general theory that all photographs are autobiographical, as we photograph situations that has some meaning to ourselves.

But it is just hard not to believe that the kids in Fiuggi have the same thrill and excitement on the swings and slides as my kids did in Southern California. That reading a paper in the shade of a big tree, with a small breeze stirring the fragrant summer air is not much different between Fiuggi and America either.

Best regards, Douglas

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