more Parc St Cloud

Flower Vases, Parc St-Cloud, Paris copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Today has turned into a cooler and overcast day in Paris, and it reminds me of the late Fall overcast days in the photographs by Eugene Atget in Parc St-Cloud, so that ensures a return trip for today.

The photograph above is from the end of yesterdays walk in the Park. This photograph seems more fitting in black & white, although the color version is almost equally interesting. Nice thing with digital and Photoshop, I can create a black & while layer and with a click, jump between the two versions. For the black & white image, I can be a more interpretative of the tonal ranges within the composition.

So while I was walking back from the Park yesterday, I was wondering what Atget would be interested in photographing if he were walking his treasured Paris today. What are the aspects of Paris that he could see becoming things of the past? The things that were becoming dated and may soon feel the wreckers ball and the brute force of the bulldozers steel blade? Perhaps in his journeys from within Paris out to Parc St Cloud, he also passed over the same bridge as I over the River Seine, so what did he see and what might he think and observe today?

So if you are in Paris today and decide to also stroll the Parc St-Cloud, and you see an obvious American in his flowered Hawaiian shirt (yes, a Reyn Spooner) with a Canon 5D, please say Hello!

Best regards, Douglas

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  1. Hey Paul, yep very classic and yet durable Hawaiian, I have found to be great on these trips, especially when I want to look American. The 5D was recent, it was either that or a couple of lens for the Hasselblad.

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