Singular Images – three years & counting

Salon, Napa, copyright Douglas Stockdale

While in Euope and posting actively on this blog, realized that I have been writing and posting on Singular Images for over three years. I guess a couple of years ago, I would have been counting the days to make an anniversary post, but some things have changed since then. I don’t know that it is neccessary to dreg all of the changes up, but this blog has become one of a place for reflection. Why do that in public, I still don’t fully understand, but nevertheless I do.

At times recently I wonder if this blog will weither away and die an unknown death. Then something occurs and I am motivated again to post my thoughts or want to push a photograph or two onto the web and see how it looks. It is a place of solace during my international travel, that much I have begun to understand.

So a quick recap of things to come: I am re-working my project Insomnia: Hotel Noir (photograph with this post will potentially will be included), eliminating the blue tonality and darkening the mood. Since I have some additional insights on my trip to China, I will probably try to finish Wo Zhi Kan Kan. Now with the time I am spending in Europe, prodominately Italy and probably soon more time in France, I have a preliminary project in Italy that I working some kinks out and for France I have a project that I am now investigating there as well.

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  1. Doug, had not looked at the singular images website for almost two months. Nice set of pictures added since July. Looks like your travels have afforded you the opportunity to capture some nice photos.

  2. Dave, thanks, I’ve had the opportunity to work on an old project and developing two new projects, while spending some time in Italy and France. very nice!

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