Ciociaria – Project in Development

House cleaning, Fiuggi copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Ciociaria – The name of a traditional region of Central Italy without a defined border nor historical identity. The name Ciociaria comes from the primitive footwear of its inhabitants and the origins of this particular kind of shoe are ancient.

Last month, I continued to reflect on my on-going Italian assignement and especially since the majority of the time, my hotel was in the municipality (comune) of Fiuggi, which is located in the provine of Frosinone, just about an hour south of Rome. I have found Fiuggi to be both a complex and interesting comune, part ancient hill city dating well before the 1200’s and the more contemporary section that is part of the area’s summer spa tourism. This is part of the region that is known as the Ciociaria, and as noted above, a place which does not have a really defined area nor it does not have an historical identity, which for me, makes it ripe for an interputative photographic project.

The other symbolic nature of this project is that this name, Ciociaria, refers to an ancient style of shoe worn in this region, and this is a project that I am photographing during my walks through the area by foot, or in my shoes. nice, another layer of meaning.

Best regards, Doug

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