Milano Fashion Week – an update

Accessorize Copyright 2010 by Douglas Stockdale

Last year after initiating my project Milan Fashion Week, it quickly began to look like this little project was the project that couldn’t. While I was after transferring the digital files from my portable to my desktop computer last September, I somehow lost all of my files and was only able to recover part of my work. So a long story made short, I did what I could with what I had and then found a creative way to fill in the voids. Meanwhile early this year I found my missing photographs from the past September (some mistaken key stoke moved everything off my desktop to some random location), but by that time, I was really tied up with some other things and the enthusiasm for this project had cooled.

As luck would have it, I was back in Milano this last September, when fashion week occurs! A second chance. sweet!  Now after being in Milano this September to begin filling in a few of my photo-project gaps, my enthusiasm has returned. nice!

So I am starting to replace my project “placeholders” and determine the final squencing of my on-line photobook “dummy”.

Best regrards, Douglas


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