Italian Landscape – Morolo

Morolo Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

While working on my project Ciociaria, I had the opportunity to wander through the area surrounding the hill-side city of Morolo. I had paused to photograph one area, but when I was about to leave, I decided to follow another rule of thumb of mine; to turn around and look at what else might be there.

Although with much less content than what had immediately captured my interest, this rural landscape looking out to the valley below with this small road winding down the hill through the adjacent olive trees is intriguing and more of a poetic narrative. nice.

Note: after posting this photograph on the web, it appears a little washed out compared to my PhotoShop version, and since I am using the same portable monitor, it is not a calibration issue. My guess is that it is a color space issue, as I usual work in Adobe RGB and to too lazy to convert to the sRGB before posting,  so below is the original version for comparison. I think that the greatest difference is in dark areas, with the original below not mainting the higher contrast I was attempting to utilize.

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