Landscape – London Park

Landscape, London Park Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

You would think walking through London, there would be more than enough to photograph and all sorts of potential projects to initiate. Well, so far for me, there is not that much. Yet.

Not far from my hotel is a small park with a memorial for both President F.D. Roosevelt (standing no less, not in his wheel chair) and on the edge of this park is a memorial to 9/11 in NYC. Both are very nice. On one other edge opposite the fence is a very large embassy, of which I did not receive any smiles when I was about to photograph the front of, while standing on the other side of the fence. In fact it was appearing that the three police with the automatic rifles were about to walk directly at me. So I thought better of it and just walked on. I did notice that two of the three continued to watch me as I photographed in this little park but at some point, must have figured I was a tourist. At least I hope so.

I have since learned that in the UK, they passed the Terrorism Act 2000 shortly after NYC’s 9/11. Apparently there is a section 44 that allows the police to detain, search, etc anyone that the police consider are committing potential terrorism acts, such as photographing public buildings and the police. And this has been a big ballyho between the press photographs (and amateurs alike) with the police, who until recently have interpreted section 44 very liberally.

So I guess I am not at liberty to discuss what it is I that I photographed, but perhaps some trees and grass in a London Park on an Autumn morning while on a little stroll about the neighborhood. I will not mention the embassy.

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