Ciociaria – project options

Acuto, Italy, 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Wonderful news! An Italian photo-book publisher is very interested in my project Ciociaria and we have now moved past the inquiry stage to the “what do we need to do to get this published” stage. very nice!

So at this time, I have a very small decision as to how to help promote the potential book; to establish a separate blog for the project as I have for insomnia: Hotel Noir or to continue to keep all of the updates linked up in my category section on the side bar of this blog? Not that this is such a big deal, but at one time, the wise wisdom being offered was to have a separate web site that was book specific to use as a clearing house for all of the book related activities.

I guess a year or so ago, I would have created a new blog for Ciociaria, but when I look at the stats for my project specific blogs and even this blog, I no longer think it is worth the extra effort, and not sure that it is as relevent today. So I will defer to using the categories on the side bar to keep track of my various posts as I wonder through this project.

Speaking of which, in additional to now working through the book concept and funding issues (more about that later, but if you have some suggestions for a obtaining a small grant that can help with publishing a nice hardcover book, I am all ears!), I am now into the heavy editing, to help distill many thousands of images into a meaning few. And also tweak the artistic statement, which will be provided in both English and Italian text.

Best regards, Douglas


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