Ciociaria landscape

Aucto, Italy, December 2010 copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

This last weekend I have added another 30 potential images to the mix for my project and photobook. It does not make this editing any easier, adding new material while concurrently trying to pare the list down. Hopefully it provides more quality material to work and as usuall for me, it also allows the project to continue developing. One element that has eased into this project are some urban landscpae studies which do not appear to be found in the urban environment, such as the image in this post. Not that this photograph will make the final cut, it does represent the slight morphing of this project. Have to stay open to the internal creative muse, eh?

Best regards, Douglas


2 thoughts on “Ciociaria landscape

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  1. Doug,congratulations on the book deal for your Ciociaria project.

    I also love the photo you made of the bicycle on the street in Paris. Very nice.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks, I am pretty excited about this nice turn of events.

    Regarding the snow photograph, I should have headed back to the hotel after taking this photograph, but I ended up freezing my tail by staying out in this weather without the right clothes for another couple of hours. It was just too magical to stop!

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