Simplifying Life – Nuking an old blog


After much mulling over, I have decided that I will delete one of my project blogs, Chinese Picture Postcards (MingXinPian), that I had set up in 2009 to test out one of my concepts for the body of photographic work that I had accumulated while working in China between 2007 and 2008.

In retrospect, my idea did not pass my own spaghetti test; after throwing some photographs up against the wall, they did not stick. Intellectually, I kinda liked the project name and idea, but it has not jelled and gained additional conceptual or emotional traction for me. I guess I knew that my interest was dwindling earlier this year when I posted that I had placed this project on HOLD and subsequently realized that the concept behind “Flow of Light Brush the Shadow” (Lui Guan Lue Yin) was much stronger.

So my trial balloon has deflated, but that is okay.  I feel that this is the nature of being creative; thinking up new ideas, trying them out, if they succeed, push on, and if not, then cut bait and move on to something else. There is too much to do and so little time to do it in.

 But now in addition to deleting this blog, I have some other administrative clean-ups, deleting an assortment of the other links to that blog. In the end, that will help simplify my life a little.

Best regards, Doug

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