Flow of Light Brush the Shadow – continuation


Enroute to PingHu Copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

I am continuing to evaluate my body of work from 2007 – 2008 made in China that is evolving into one of two potential book projects, with these photographs for “Flow of Light Brush the Shadow”. I am also using a new tool (for me), uploading the strongest images into a FaceBook album of the same name. I am trying this virtual album to help with experimenting and testing image pairing and potentially sequencing as I prepare to make a Marquette of the book to show around.

So far, once I figured out how to create a FB album and then load additional images in it, the process is proving to be not too bad. In fact, I did a copy and paste of the images for this post from that album, something I was not sure that I could accomplish, but here is the proof of the process. One of the aspects of this FB album that I appreciate is the ease in which I can move images from location to location within the matrix and they remain in place as I leave and return to the album.

Over the past week, I have finished uploading about 25 photographs and now I am pausing while I consider the images that are now in place. Also, I am not in the studio this week, so that forced a stop to my uploading. Another nice aspect is that I can also work on the possible pairs and combinations while I am on the road, an interesting aspect of this virtual album. So when I return to the studio, for the next photographs I upload, they will be for a specific location in the album, a process I only recently was accomplishing with prints. hmmmmm.





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  1. That’s an interesting use of Facebook for a REAL purpose. And I keep on thinking about “reactionary photography” too, only this evening whilst cycling on my way home I was debating it internally. Isn’t it strange how something someone says, who you don’t know and that you will probably never meet, can keep passing through your mind and influence how you behave! I can’t express why, and they are so alien to what I do, but I like these blurry images. I like looking at images that challenge the way I photographically do things myself.

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