A day of working on my project In Passing

Oregon route 30, copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale

This was a mixed day working on my project In Passing; tweaking photographis, printing for my revised book dummy, which I now have all of the photographic prints in the straight black & white mode to start the sequencing and pairing design process.

I have also finished linking up all of my previous posts about In Passing and Bad Trip – Sad Trip (the original project title) on this blog to the In Passing Catagory on the side-bar as well as ensuring that the previous posts had tags assigned.

I have now converted my second edition Blurb version of In Passing to private and it is no longer for sale, thus the Blurb book is now a very slick book dummy. Photographs have the wrong hue, but hopefully it gets the intent across.

I have identified a couple of folks who I think I would like to approach to write an essay for the new book as well as a corporate sponsor to pitch this book to. So I think I need to lock down at least one assay in conjunction with the revised book dummy before I make my corporate funding pitch.

I am pretty sure who I can pitch the book to for publication and I may have the publishing agreement completed by the begining of September. So my intent would be for publication next Spring. hmmmm, might be do-able.

Best regards, Doug


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