Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Interval training part 2

da machine, copyright Douglas Stockdale 2012

Yesterday I commented on interval training from the perspective of alternating my walking/jogging/running sequence while making my distance. With a lot more walking than the other two alternatives at the moment. The other part of this is how often to train? Every day, every other day, or perhaps once per week? My goal is not option 3, but at this point in getting started, not sure about once per day either. So my goal now is to have a training event every other day and to start incorporating more walking opportunities in my every day events, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator for a couple of flights up (or down).

So Kellie text’s me on a recent trip, not hello, not good-bye nor safe travels, but “did you bring your running shoes”? As though I might not. HA! But she was right, it is not my norm to bring running shoes with me on a trip, as I prefer to travel light and not bring what I don’t need. And I do need a tripod. So yes, I did bring my running shoes, now realizing that I really don’t have any running shorts. I think I either outgrew them or wore them out a few years ago and I suppose I would not be in my current fix if I would have replaced them. So now I will be back to the running store for some cool running shorts. Because if you are not fast, at least I need to look like I ought to be.

Maybe find something with some orange flames on them ;- D

Best regards, Doug


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