Kellie’s 5K Challenage – Interval training

Just a little sweat

So what I remember from my High School field and track days, interval training is a great way to build up your stamina and speed. Yes, yours truly was part of great 1 mile relay team that rocked our conference, with my 1/4 mile leg perhaps not gaining ground, but rarely did I lose anything in the process.

The H.S. version was to run a quarter-mile, then two sets of 100 yard wind sprints, then back to another quarter-mile. Repeat until your legs turned to jelly, which if I recall that at the tender age of 17  seemed to take forever. Hmmm, that sure was not the case for my first day.

Now the interval is a short quarter-mile jog until the legs were screaming, then a nice brisk walk for a while. I keep looking for some landmarks to use for future reference, such as a big tree just beyond the next corner. My goal of course is to keep stretching the intervals where I am jogging and slowly reduce the time I am walking. For some reason I suspect that this is going to take a while long than the last time I began a similar program to start running.

Big issue which I am trying to stay ahead of is my knees. Waking up at 3 or 4am with my knees really, really hurting is no fun. Thus attempting to make sure that I have the right running shoes for concrete, that will absorb the impact. And this time I will be content with moving briskly, not a full run as I have in the past. Those glory days are sweet memories.

In retrospect, I should have waited to take my “exertion evidence” photo until I arrived at home from this walk/run as I did sweat just a tab bit more and created the appearance that I might have expended some effort.

Best regards, Doug


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