Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Day one of training

Day one

Sometimes I really wonder what I get myself into. So yesterday while talking with my daughter, she stated that the very best thing that I could do for myself is to run and not walk my 5 miles. And to do that 5 miles more frequently than what I do today. Anyhow, one thing lead to another and then now I have a challenge to participate in a 5k run with her.

And I could see in her eyes that my usual reasons as to why this might not be possible were falling on deaf ears. Really deaf ears. sheeeese.

So if I am into this, then I am going to make it happen, AND I will not only participate in a 5K run, but it is my goal to do in a shorter time than smarty pants. Or maybe just plain finish.

So after brunch today (and now regretting those nice and fluffy stack of pancakes) I bought a new pair of running shoes, as my “walking” shoes are not going to cut it. Which is okay, as they were showing some pretty bad wear. And determined that today would also be my first training day. No planning or preparation, just cold turkey start it.

We have an interesting long block that winds up and down and around for about 5 miles. So todays goal, get ‘er done in under one hour. Yes, that kind of blazing speed is what I am talking about!

Results: 50 minutes.

Hmmm, not so bad, other than my legs feel like logs. I do belive that might be because of a little too much lactic acid and probably not drinking enough water. I suspect that will change.

Also, about mid way around the block, I starting wonder about how much I weight these days? Okay, I think the scale needs some recalibration, but just for grins, lets say I hit 200 lbs right now (actually hoping for 190). I suspect that will change, as I do not need to be carrying around any more than I need to. But I also know that initially I have to create some lean body mass and muscle is denser than the other stuff.

So part way along on my jog, I had the wonderful idea that I could post my progress here. And since this is a photo-blog, take some Blackberry photos to illustrate my progress. So about that time while crossing a street intersection, I spied an excellent metaphor to start this whole thing off with as well as an opportunity showing off my spiffy new shoes and muscular legs.

Best regards, Doug


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