Ciociaria – Limited Edition Book + Photograph set

Ciociaria – Fiuggi Limited Edition Book + Print copyright Douglas Stockdale 2011/12

I recently self-published two sets of a Limited Edition Book + Photograph in conjunction with my hardcover book Ciociaria, an urban investigation of a central region of Italy, review by Karen Jenkins. The edition size for both versions is 25 and I chose two photographs which were not included in the design and printing of the book. Both the photograph and book are signed and numbered, and the photographs are printed archival ink on Hahnemuehle matte. After a number of discussions with Susan Burnstine during the development of this Limited Edition set, I opted to go with an inexpensive version to keep my costs low and a reasonable for this Limited Edition, which is priced at $150.00 per set. (2020 Update: the Morolo Cachi (Pomegranate) is SOLD OUT)

The initial interest in the two Limited Edition sets is good and I am nearing the halfway point for selling the editions. I can’t say they are selling like hotcakes, but doing well enough and building a small reserve fund to finance my next book that I hope to be able to announce shortly.

The Fiuggi Edition, photograph below, was an interesting turning point for me while working on this project. I had been deferring to a more topographical investigation of the memories of this area, which is to say photographing the landscape without the presence of any individuals. As this scene unfolded before me, it spoke of another way to create a narrative as to how memory is preserved. As book editing proceeds, with the choice, pairing and sequencing of the images, this photograph did not find a good home within the book. So it seemed a nature to include this as a special edition.

Fiuggi Editon



The other version of the Limited Edition is the Morolo Cachi Edition, which includes the photograph below. I saw this lyrical web of branches with the different phases of the decaying fruit and hints of the surrounding residences. It speaks to the past memories intersecting with the current moment. (SOLD OUT)

The Limited Edition Book + Photograph sets will be available from speciality photographic bookstores.

Available at: photo-eye

The standard hardcover book at $55.00 is currently available at Arcana Book of the Arts (Culver City, CA) and photo-eye.

Additiona interior photographs from the book and links to some of the book reviews can be found here.

Check back as I expect this bookseller list to grow.

Best regards, Doug

Morolo Cachi Edition


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