Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Equipment training

mile and a half in – Douglas Stockdale 2012

I think some people loath them, others luv ’em, and what I am talking about is the use of running machines, those stationary treadmills that enable you to literally go nowhere fast. As for me, I like ’em!

And I think that they are cool for a number of reasons. Firstly, they provide some give in the rolling “ground”, which for my knees is easier on me than running on the concrete sidewalk alternatives. If I am going to start building up some endurance, I need to ease into it, rather than blowing out the knee joints and ending up back on the couch.

Second, I think it is very helpful with the various analytics and feedbacks; such as calories (not big on my list at the moment), distance, speed and time. The newer treadmills have a very important feature, heart rate monitors, so that I can understand which might be going on inside my own machine when I jog versus a brisk walk. At the moment, the brisk walk (3.5 mph) is not bad, about 105. What concerns me is that a very slight increase to a light job (4 mph) is enough to zoom my heart rate over 135 if I do the jog for over ten minutes. I would be more comfortable if this was in the 120 – 125 range. So that is my first goal, conditioning and losing some weight to get the jogging into the heart rate of the 120 – 125 range.

What I don’t like about the new equipment, it does not come with an expresso dispenser. In fact I would settle for just an ordinary coffee machine. Too early in the morning to be doing this fool hardy stuff without the cup of joe.

What I did today: 2 miles in about a half-hour.

Best regards, Doug


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