Convergence & Resonance

CDG – Douglas Stockdale 2012

It is interesting that while I am in the process of vetting one project that another related project gains clarity (convergence). Or maybe said in another way, as I refine the concept of a project and gain a better understanding of the images that I believe should be included, the images that I believe should be excluded begin to create the foundations of an alternative project. Perhaps the logic is really the opposite of convergence as the one becomes two (divergence).

There seem to be groups of compositions that keep competing for my attention (resonance) and soon it seems a critical mass starts to occur. Rather than fight or ignore images that I seem to repeat in different variations, I have taken perhaps a more zen like attitude to accept and enjoy it. I suspect something is lurking under the surface and it just might take a while to hear my muse whispering every so softly. In this specific case, my intent was to explore a concept about identity, which is coming together, but there is another sub-text that starts to have its own voice.

Another aspect of the messiness involved while exploring concepts.

Best regards, Doug


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