Guest Curator – 2012 FotoGrafia PhotoBook Exhibition

I have a new and unique opportunity, as my proposal to curate a photobook exhibition for the XI Edition of FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma (FotoGrafia – the International Festival of Rome) was accepted. Very nice!

The theme for this festival is “work”, which is an interesting subject and in my proposal, I addressed it rather broadly. I now have to articulate my concept for the exhibition catalog, but essentially a contemporary investigation into workers, what we do as “work” and the working we do, as a process or activity of “work”. Work as a noun and as a verb, eh?

The other part of my proposal is that each photographer will photograph a double page spread of their photobook, their personal choice, then I will have these photographs printed and hanging in the exhibition room to provide another dimension to the book object and photographic work. As the photobook is also a work of art by the photographer. Another layering of the theme of the festival.

As a first step, I had to determine if there were enough contemporary photobooks available to constitute an exhibition. Focusing on a contemporary investigation of the theme, I am also looking at recent published photobooks over the last three or four years. Examining my photobook library, I already thought this exhibition was feasible.  After a couple of Facebook shout-outs, I became aware of even more book titles that were interesting and warranted further investigation. As such I now have my shortlist of photobook titles that should provide a very interesting exhibition. cool!

Now I need to make my final exhibition selection and then notify the photographers. I am also publishing a brief commentary of each photobook selected for my shortlis on my photobook review blog, The PhotoBook.

Which means that for the next couple of months, an emphasis on the photographic work and photobooks of others while my own photographic projects linger. Maybe a transition to a new career, eh? Or maybe create some opportunities to sell my photobook, Ciociaria?

The exhibition in Rome, Italy will take place at the MACRO Testaccio (Museo d’Art Contemporenea di Roma) in the Pelanda exhibition space from September 20 to October 28th. Maybe see you there?

Best regards, Doug

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