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Lest I Forget – Ciociaria copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

All I can say, I had some really good intentions, but while I was attempting to update my www.douglasstockdale.com web site with a different mix of photographs from my book Ciociaria, I made some really bad programming errors. Really, really bad. Like wiping out all of the back-up data to my web site, then in an attempt to fix that, I then corrupted my back-up files on my desk top to support the site. My bad.

As soon as I click the refresh button to my web site, since I had also deleted the Index file, the whole web site was going to disappear. In a heart blink. I have been tweaking the design of my site for about five years, adding pages, deleting page, restructuring context, adding photographs and projects. About to be all gone. Poof!

Okay, I know that I can probably complete a do-over of this site, but all of the links in from various friends, articles and other other media would also be gone in a flash. Poof! Dead links.  Some of these links I know of, but the vast majority of which I don’t know of, so that part of the work that I and others have created will be a lost cause. Not that this is such a big deal, because I am not well known, so in effect, a little bump in the road, eh?

After sleeping on this for a couple of nights, I decided that when I collect a bunch of lemons, to proceed to make lemon aid. So to start with a clean slate.

First, I want to make the web site very simple. So now I have a front page with one photograph, and the links to the two back-up pages; my CV and my contact information, which is essentially my email address. When I say to keep it simple, I mean really, really simple.

So now it is complete and I invite you to take a look and let me know what you think.

I suspect that sometime next year I will add the Ciociaria book project, but all in good time. And now I need to clean up some links that I know of to ensure that they are still functional or fix them.





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