Memory – murkey

12-11-10 Fiuggi_2248

Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

Still thinking about the concept of memory. In one way, all photographs are about memory, as they reveal something that no longer is. As soon as the exposure is made, it is instantly a photograph of history and of things past. Nevertheless, when investigating memory, some photographs are better metaphors than others. When a ton of ambiguity is mixed into the photograph, the initial reaction may be what the f*** is that suppose to be? Some will reject it and quickly move on, a few others will pause to ask; what is about this photograph that bugs/bothers/upsets/?  me?

Perhaps that is what has drawn me back to this photograph (above) and a few others like it that I created while investigating Ciociaria, a region in Italy. In addition to the large quantity of images I made during the day light, I also spent a considerable time wondering the streets and pathways at night. What drew me to the situation above, was the quality of light, and a composition that I had worked on and off over a period of six months. Rather than opening the shadows on the right side (e.g. Photoshop), I determined that what is indistinctly lurking in those shadows adds something to this photograph and what I think about concept of memory, that it is murky and frequently incomplete.


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