Instant Nomad – France

07-07-10 Nomad - Vernouillet_FR_6942

Instant Nomad (France) copyright Douglas Stockdale

While in France, I continued to develop my concept of the traveling business man as an extension of my earlier project Hotel Noir. My goal with Hotel Noir was to investigate a specific place that was a transitional site, a city that I was working at over an extended period of time and staying at the same hotel for three nights a week for weeks on end. Shortly after finishing this project I started another in China. I then made the decision to expand the Hotel Noir project while in China and during that time I experimented with longer exposures in conjunction with the movement of the subject. I was intrigued by the results.

Usually the results were unpredictable and I enjoyed that aspect of the process. It was fun. Who says that to be creative, you have to be serious while working it? I think creativity also needs a curious and at times, playful attitude.



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