Instant Nomad – continuation

05-22-12 Instant Nomade_6692

Instant Nomad (England) 2012 Copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am experimenting with another way to create a narrative exploring what I do for work. Last year it seemed that I was working on two if not three alternaives, but now I am thinking that there may not be any issue with mashing these together. Moving away from a safe harbour. The risk is that by introducing more complexity I may increase the probability that the project will have a muddled concept, but as an artist, I need to take this risk. I just need to maintain clarity as to what I am attempting to accomplish.

In this series, I was exploring the concept that my presence in any one location created only a momentary and fleeting memory. In this case, a memory that nobody was attempting to preserve, which runs counter to my other projects in which the preservation of a memory was essential.



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