Live wire juxtaposition

12-11-10 Fiuggi_2007

Fiuggi Citta 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

As I review the photographs from my project Ciociaria, I find myself thinking of Hiroshi Watanbe’s “Findings“, a project that was a compilation of photographs that he drew on from a diverse set of circumstances and conditions. There are a number of photographs from my Ciociaria project that I think will have a life beyond this initial photobook. With this photograph, above, I can anticipate using it to augment another project to investigate the concept of memory and its preservation.

The old city of Fiuggi Citta (initially built up about 1250) has a maze of narrow corridors, walk ways and interior plaza’s in which the citizens live and it seems to me that they make use of about every square inch of available space. This old patched wall speaks to me about the past and ancient memories. The line and plastic clothes pins are grounded in the present. The clothes pins were found just as they were arranged, very colorful and almost sequenced into a musical arrangement.

The fact that the clothes pins are empty is a reference to an expectant future, in anticipation of these things yet to come.



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