Instant Nomad – Italy


Instant Nomad (Italy) 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

As an itinerant and transit worker (as I am an Instant Nomad), I end up frequently eating alone in distant restaurants. The downside: one is a very lonely number. The upside: eating in little family owned restaurants can be delightful and interesting. This small Italian pizzeria off the plaza in Fiuggi Citta was another lonely evening but did not provide a delightful meal nor a memorable glass of Chianti (which I guess is also another side of “interesting”), as they did not carry any of my favorites wines. I ate here only this one time, as in Italy, there are a ton of alternative pizzerias and small family diners.

Nevertheless, this evening did offer me some opportunities to explore the concept of being a transient, as I did not sense that this would be a place or an eventual photograph for my book. In this case, my model was the unknown owner, who I do not remember other than the few photographs I made. Likewise, I know he has no memory of my presence and I was a blur in the sea of regular customers. At the time, I even felt like a ghost, as he hardly acknowledged my presence, a quick hesitation to accept my order of pasta and Chianti and then gone, only to momentarily return with the glass of wine and the plate of pasta. As I know a minimum of Italian, there was not much of an opportunity for him to discuss what was in progress on the two televisions. I don’t even remember what specifically I ordered that evening, the meal a blur of uneventful food that was fuel to keep me going. My only impression was that I would not be back, as there were other and better opportunities in the local area.

I did reposition myself to another table to set this composition up. The supporting post divides the interior between the dinning area and its larger television) and the view into the kitchen and wine holder and smaller television. Essentially representing the two worlds within the restaurant: customers and cooks.



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