Mystical sorting hat


Untitled (Fiuggi Terme) copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

I had noted this table and cover on the grounds of a hotel in Fiuggi Terme during most of the Summer it was covered with green leaves and people were enjoying a conversation in the shade. Later in the Fall, the leaves were gone and so were the constant flow of guests, but what remained appeared more interesting. The tangle of bare limbs above the table were revealed and appeared to take on the look of an ancient cover. I could not help but think of the “sorting hat” in the Harry Potter series.

With some careful positioning, I was able to juxtaposition two of the lawn lights to appear to hove just above the table top in an attempt to imbue this with more mystical symbolism. This photograph did not appear to be a good fit for my Ciociaria photobook, but it still beckons me back for a second consideration.

Perhaps to afford a look into the future or the interpretation of dreams?

Nevertheless, I am not sure of the photographs eventual use but I am already considering the changes I may need to make to create a different image (I never have claimed to be a purist, as I am not a documentary reporter). I am thinking  to clone out the remaining while globes in the background, they create a visual distraction (eyes are drawn to the lightest parts of a photograph) and work against the illusion. Likewise there is a light colored structure in the background lurking above the plane of the table that needs to be either toned down or eliminated. Then I think my mystical sorting hat will be ready for prime time!!

Any dreams requiring interpretation?? Inquire within.



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