Nightscape – Fiuggi Terme

11-07-10 Fiuggi_Nightscape_1455

Untitled (Fiuggi Terme Nightscape) 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Where as the majority of the photographs that I post will probably be linked to a project at some point in time, I suspect that this photograph may not. Hopefully not a secret as one of the reasons for posting my work is self-promotion, eh?

For me, this composition, probably appearing very banal, is about stories of those who are not seen, as well as I enjoy this patchwork of shapes, masses, muted colors and the complex maze of lines. Most of the windows are shuttered for the night with the interior lights leaking around the edges, indicating the presence of humanity, thus personal stories that are in the process of occurring. I also accentuated this composition by flattening with a telephoto lens, which also enable me to extract the patterns that interested me the most.

I have photographed this section of Fiuggi Terme on a number of occasions while working on my project Ciociaria, as this place is located along my walk down from one of my favorite family restaurants (El Tower) in Fiuggi Citta, at the top of the hill and the place of the old city. They even have a table for me where I have a corner to store my camera and tripod where it does not (usually) get in the way. The five kilometer walk back to the hotel is refreshing and interesting at night. Thus this photograph is my talisman, as it does preserve my memory of those meals, local Pigilio wine, walks and nights.


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