Non-photo moment: baby bunny plight

While working on one of photo projects this morning, I participated in a little drama.

I was in the midst of reloading my film back when I heard this odd squeaking behind me and I turned to see a black raven with a squirming baby bunny in its beak fly out between two houses with a big mommy rabbit in hot pursuit. The bunny was now large and heavy enough that the raven could not get much altitude, so flying pretty low over the bushes, and now suddenly I was in hot pursuit as well. In about about twenty feet of the chase with me yelling at the bird, the raven lost its grip and the bunny fell to the grass.  After getting its bearing, it quickly bounded under a near by bush.

So while the raven vented its displeasure at me, I herded the little guy into a much dense set of bushes where it might have better cover. That was about all I could do, so when I left, the raven was still in a tree overlooking that bunch of bushes. I tried to herd the mom rabbit towards here kid, but I was unsuccessful, which was proving more difficult that herding cats. So the chances are good that the little guy will live at least for another day, but such is the circle of life in the urban “wild”.

Oh, and no photos of the event. I am not a wild life photographer, but even more of a case of either taking action or taking photographs.

Cheers, Doug

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