Curator: 10 x 10 American Photobooks

10 x 10 American Photobooks, selection by Douglas Stockdale

Over the weekend, the second phase of the 10 x 10 American Photobooks reading room project was provided at the PGH Photo Fair held at the UnSmoke Systems Artspace (Braddock, PA). The reading room photobooks are now being packed for the final installation at the Tokyo Institute of Photography (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan), which will take place September 11 thru October 6yh (2013).

For those not following this on Facebook, this is the second 10 X 10 Photobook project. For 2012, the 10 x 10 Photobooks program was focused on Japanese photobooks. This year, 2013, the focus was on American Photobooks. For this year, one group of 10 curators who selected 10 photobooks to be available in the various (3) reading room venues, as well as 10 of us who made our selections and provided these via our blogs. I had posted my selection of 10 photobooks on my blog The Photobook.

An interesting, diverse and broad selection of photobooks, perhaps enough to create an interest in building your own collection of photobooks. I would be interested in knowing which books you think we might have overlooked.




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