Pine Lake – 1950 Michigan Trout Stamp


Untitled (sheet, 1950 Michigan Trout Stamp, Pine Lake) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

While I was developing the dummy for my Pine Lake artist book, I came up with the idea that in addition to the book being in the ziplock that adding some other loose ephemera would provide another dimension to this project. What I was actually searching for were Pennsylvania fishing licenses, but turns out that they issued badges (pin on buttons) during this period. A pin-on badge might be a bit vexing to produce as well as potentially damage the book, so I started looking for other alternatives.

For some reason, I kept coming back to this 1950 Michigan Trout Stamp, which I thought looked pretty cool and might be a great addition to the book. But why include this trout stamp has still been bugging me. My only conclusion is that there is some autobiographic element to this bit of ephemera. Thus one of these little trout stamps, a little bit of me, will be included with each book.



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