Pine Lake – Want Good Fishing?


Untitled (fishing notice, Pennsylvania, Pine Lake) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

While I was looking for fishing license and other fishing ephemera for my Pine Lake artist book as I was discussing yesterday with the Michigan fishing stamp, I kept having this particular Pennsylvania fishing notice, above, pop-up in my searches. hmmm, besides being very humorous, I was starting to guess that there must be a reason that this would keep appearing.

At this time in Pennsylvania, they had a pretty clear message, if you do WANT GOOD FISHING? OBEY THE LAW! For some reason having that part of the text in all caps with the exclamation mark, I think that they were really trying to make a point, eh? I am betting that the fishing warrens were not fooling around and if they found some rascal not following the law, they would get their butt through into jail.

So after I kept bumping into this fishing notice, it seemed apparent to me that this was a must-inclusion into my project. Thus everyone will get their own copy of this endearing fishing notice with their purchase of this artist book.


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