Misadventures of Mr. Bum-toe


Untitled (Mr. Bum-toe buys some new tires) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

So when I get poked by the fickle finger of fate, I try to make the most of it.

About a week ago, I kinda bashed my big toe, what I call getting the big-owie. I was already having some issues with this toe, so when I visited the foot doctor, she went right to the point, that toe-nail has to come off real soon. Okay, that occurred yesterday morning. Just when I wanted to finish producing the first five of the twenty-five Pine Lake artist books. After the short surgical procedure, it was time to put the foot up and come up with plan B. Especially as the feeling started to come back into my toe after the numbing was waring off. Yikes!

This meant a small delay in my publishing date, but I am only talking a week at the most. In my day job, I do a lot of program management, so I set dates and then try to meet them. We all kinda follow the adage; “Make Plan or Die!” So today, I am theoretically a dead man. sigh.

The great news is that I also wear an artist hat, which is basically, “what the F*** do you mean that there is a deadline?” So my artistic spirit is still alive and thriving!!

Which leads to the Misadventures of Mr. Bum-toe. For at least the next two of weeks I need to soak and dress my surgical “wound” three or more times per day. And keep off my feet for the next couple of days, with my bum toe up. And since I could not work on Pine Lake for the next couple of days, what could I do? I made a brilliant observation (fancy name for a brain-fart) that now everywhere I go, Mr. Bum-toe is there tooo.

So today, we have Mr. Bum-toe purchasing much needed tires for the SUV. The tread was getting thin for the up and coming rainy season (those two weeks of drizzle) here in Southern California. I needed to be better prepared. Since I had ordered these tires before Mr. Bum-toes visit, I figured that they must have a nice seating area that could accommodate me and my friend. Well, it was almost nice and we did survive.

And now on to the next misadventure.


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