Holiday Christmas Card – 2013


Untitled (Fiuggi, Italy, 2010) copyright Douglas Stockdale 2013.

As a freelancer, sometimes a client will keep me really busy, and I mean really, really busy. When this happens in late November and most of December, some of my other to-do’s suffer. One of those traditional items at the end of the year is the Christmas card, and as  a result of my work, another tradition is that I do not start working on ours until just before Christmas.

My end of year Christmas card procrastination is further complicated by the fact that during the year, I do not photograph something specific for this card. Which means selecting an “appropriate” image from my files. This can be a little stressful as to selecting which image will suggest the Christmas season?

We grew up in the MidWest and regularly had a white Christmas, so pine trees and snow seem to do that for us. Not am easy scene to find in Southern California in December when I am stringing the Christmas lights on the house while wearing a T shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Fortunately we do ski in Colorado, so I have a few winter images from there to choose from, which is the image below.

The other image that captured my interest for this year’s card is above, which was created during a snow storm while I was working in Central Italy. From my window was visible the figure on top of the hill overlooking the city, lit up for the holidays. Perhaps with a lot of atmosphere and mood, while not as detailed as the winter landscape below.

Merry Christmas & a Great New Year!




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