Memory pods – HDR


Untitled (HDR Memory pods #01 and #02) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

These are a par of HDR manipulated photographs that were fun to play with. The straight version is similar to Memory pods #37 that I posted here early in the week. I was aware of the Snapseed HDR mode, poked at it earlier and I did not like the results for what I was trying to achieve.

Today was just about messing around and pushing this image’s limits, the one above with a higher saturation with more intense color and the image below with a much toned down saturation leaning towards monochromatic. Two different visual effects, and most will probably gravitate to one or the other.

For my personal work, I am not a fan of the HDR effect and in fact this is my first attempt in working with it. I will admit that its been kinda of fun tweaking these images with a totally different visual appearance. Like always eating vanilla ice cream and then some gives you a big scope of dark chocolate.

Every once in a while, you gotta try something different.





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