Traffic Signal


Untitled (Traffic Signal) Copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

While I was off on my temporary tangent working on the Memory pods project, one of the items I photographed was this traffic signal control box. At the moment I made this composition I was thinking about the association of something that attempted to control signals (memories) being over-layered with symbolic memory pods which had fallen and were in various states of decay. The once beautiful memories are  now turning to decaying dark brown bits.

And in reality any attempts to control my memories is futile as gaining access to this buried and locked down control panel which probably is a good representation of my sub-conscious.  So I may or may not use this image for my memory pods project; time will tell.

At the moment I have a lot of material that I have photographed and I feel it’s time for me to pause and take stock of where I am and where I think I am going.



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