Black & White Photographic Challenge – Day 4

040 06-04-14_Memory_Pods_0950_108


Untitled (#40 Memory Pods) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

This is day 4 photograph as a result of being nominated by Jeff Alu to participate in a Black & White Photographic challenge (aka BWC) on FaceBook. For more background on the BWC, see my previous post, here.

This photograph is part of an on-going investigation of mine that is exploring the use of seed pods as metaphors for memory and indirectly identity. A seed pod is a physical encapsulation of a germinating seed that occurs due to events over the duration of the life of a flower. For mankind there are events that captured by the senses of which some essence is retained by the brain. Over time an individual matures as do all of the captured memories, some remaining vivid and distinct, some becoming a hazy recollection and some becoming lost.

The B&W photographer that I nominated for day 4 is Jim Cullum.



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