February just flew by…


Vail (Lionshead) CO February 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Wow, where in the heck did February go? Well one thing we did was our annual ski trip to Vail, Colorado, which allowed me to capture/create the photograph above. So that essentially took care of a week and half driving to Vail, then down to Denver for a few days and then the return drive. Yes, occasionally taking photographs, but not working them other than some in-camera tweaks with the SnapSeed app, which is how the above image was created.

As with most holidays, the days before we left were jammed with getting the things done that would allow a less-stress holiday. Then upon the return, getting slammed with all of the things that now needed to be completed and nobody was working on while we were away. That included both the home-front and the day-job. Also found a stack of new books to add to my mess. Now I have down-loaded all of my photographs, mean-while making a few more.

So I am just now feeling like I have somewhat caught up, so I slightly tweaked the above image in Photoshop and back to posting here. Yep, more to come!


Btw, I was coming down Simba run and when I came barreling around the corner, this landscape vista greeted me, which stopped me in my (ski) tracks. At this point, I was pretty much down the mountain, so I was able to fill the foreground with the village and yet include the opposite mountain as a backdrop. I am pretty pleased with this documentary style landscape photograph.


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