Rainy day reflections


RSM CA January 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I have to admit that on rainy days, especially in the morning when the available sunlight casts some interesting shadows, I enjoy photographing the reflections on my back patio.

First, I have always been drawn to wet reflections as a subject for a long time, while realizing that this is a subject that has been thoroughly investigated for the better part of 90 years, so perhaps photographs that can easily become trite and redundant. In this case, I am not trying to make any new artistic statements or develop a new insight or concept. This is just an enjoyment of the photographic process in combination with something that I observed and have some pure fun playing around with.

There is a bit of intrigue with the use of wet reflections, a duality similar to window reflections that had intrigued the Surrealist in the 1930’s. The subject appears realistic while have some abstract qualities with the reversal of the reflected image a bit disorienting. Nevertheless, in recent times we see these reflected and disorienting images so frequently that many can quickly make sense of them to unwind the visual content.

I have continued to photograph versions of this wet composition if for no reason as to it’s convenience, as I do not have to venture very far in order to experiment with the various compositions. And yes, I do eventually start playing with the quantity, layout and design pattern of the leaves in conjunction with the reflections, hopefully not let the resulting photographs appear too contrived.

FYI, the image above was one that I created in PhotoShop, while those below were processed in-camera with my Samsung 5S in conjunction with SnapSeed. Also the ones below were directly uploaded to Instagram & Facebook.









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