Winter – Newport Beach


Newport Beach, California, November 2015 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Today is the first day of Spring, so time to say goodbye to old man Winter!

For me, that means that I need to also say goodbye to the winter photographic weather, such as this day back in November that we were down in Newport Beach waiting for a restaurant to open. During winter we have clouds and occasionally rain in Southern California, now there will be a long series of cloudless, clear blue, and boring days.

Below are a series of cliche beach photographs I made in-camera and posted directly to Facebook; which were fun to create and play around with. The clouds from the earlier storm made for some interesting effects and compositions. The problem was with that storm-front came a very strong wind off the Pacific, which was really blowing sand and grit directly at anyone fool enough to stay on the beach. Nevertheless, I endured the wind and sand long enough to capture these photographs, then became worried about the blowing sand marring the glass on my lens. It was really blowing that hard, as trash cans were rolling along the beach and walk-ways.








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