lemonade stand


Untitled (Middle Ground) copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale

So a good friend tells me that since I am trying to make lemonade from lemons and my photographs are created when the car comes to a complete stand still in traffic, then really I have a “lemonade stand”. sigh.

I continue to think about the implications of the urban landscape that I photograph while working on this project; When the traffic comes to a standstill and where I end up at is very arbitrary and serendipitous. There is a big element of chance as to what the urban landscape will be next to me at that given moment. What is in the foreground; the debris, vegetation and condition of the meridian is the first layer of the photograph. The next layer is the passing cars in the opposite lane, which are not in similar bumper to bumper traffic. Then if visible beyond the meridian is are trees, vegetation, hills, and man-made structures. So now what are the potential metaphors for these photographs?

It is also interesting to me that this is another project that is evolving from my playing around with the mobile phone. I think that I allow myself a sense of experimentation while trying to have fun when I use the phone’s camera. So I hope to keep that playfulness going; an endless series of singular images and open ended investigations.



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