Featured on Lenscratch – Fine Art Photography Daily

Today I was featured on Aline Smithson’s Lenscratch in the Mixtape “profiles of movers and shakers in the fine art photography world, often reviewers at portfolio events and taste makers in their own right”. This is the third time I have been featured on Lenscratch by the wonderful Aline.

I think that this honor is mostly a result of being the Editor (maybe Editor-in-Chief with the recent staff editions to this Journal) of The PhotoBook and now a submission reviewer for LensCulture as well as portfolio reviewer and workshop leader with LACP.

The PhotoBook is helping to promote photobooks by a wide and diverse group of photographers over the past eight plus years. There are now over 400 contemporary photobook reviews that includes almost as many photographers. This blog even earned the million eye-ball award last summer, a nice achievement for something that I had initially founded just to share my interest in the wonders of a book object. Now it is helping to support the photographic community.

Nevertheless, I think that this blog is also a testimony to the fact that I can also take a photograph or two, create a body of work worthy of a publishing as well as investigating some conceptual ideas that result in an artist book or exhibition.

Lenscratch has an interesting selection of photographs that I have created over the years, including a very early self-portrait that Aline coaxed from me. So rather than trying to duplicate her fine effort, go check it out ;- )


Btw, I am also starting a mailing list for a quarterly newsletter, so if you are interested, drop me a line requesting to join; doug@douglasstockdale.com (yes, for some reason I still cannot seem to get the WordPress Widget to load on this page that would allow you to sign up directly. sigh)



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