San Diego walk-about in North Park

Contstruction Tri-color KI6A6435_San_Diego_North_Park_10-26-17

While down in San Diego’s North Park region for the Medium Festival I had a chance to join John Gossage as the two of us did a local walk-about around the neighborhood near the Lafayette Hotel. We had just finished a rambling hour and half “interview” that I published in The PhotoBook Journal when he stated that he wanted to get out and try his new X1D Hasselblad rig (paired with the Hasselblad XCD 45mm f/3.5 lens).

FYI; Gossage’s main lament is that he is a “normal” lens guy (e.g. 50 mm on a Canon 5DMk3) and that Hasselblad’s “normal” focal length for this new mirrorless camera body would not be out until next spring. The 45mm lens was providing a wider view something akin to a 28mm on the 5DMk3 so he just was not sure when he saw something as to where to stand.

Interesting to see what Gossage was visually attracted to and since I was not looking thru his view finder I am not sure what he was actually composing. Nevertheless, I found some interesting things in this urban landscape, which seemed to also draw him in as well.

While passing one construction site I had a recall of all of the urban construction I witnessed while in China. All of the Chinese construction sites were cloaked with massive cloth “screens”. What had visually interested me then as I found interesting to me again now; these draped structures were like huge canvases that were unintended abstractions; patterns, shapes, texture and color. Essentially my task was to find the framing that interested me the most.

The resulting photograph is ambiguous as to my subject’s size and location which is now ready for contemplation. Mission accomplished!



Featured photograph, above: Construction Tri-color, San Diego 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale


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