Morning walks – off the grid


Morning Walk, Tijeras Creek, Orange County 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

This past week I decided to change-up my morning walk. Instead of traversing the local neighborhood sidewalks I ventured into the adjacent park and the dirt paths.  I realized this was an opportunity to exercise my experiment/play practice in conjunction with my Samsung S5; so I documented where I was going in conjunction with what else I noticed along the way.

Befitting my experiment/play practice I am enjoying the visual results of going off-road. I am now consider moving into another camera format and probably start carrying the Hasselblad along with a tripod to continue this exploration. This change will increase the load a little more as this also includes carrying the spot meter, so I may need to rethink my walking gear. With film, always the decision of what to use; black & white or color and if color, negative or positive? Some decisions to make before starting the next phase.

Since I do try to take an extended walk each morning I foresee the possibilities of this becoming over time a full blown photobook project. I can work on this while first finishing my Middle Ground project I hope to publish in Spring of 2018.

Since I can be so easily distracted, I need to continually remind myself of my priorities.


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