Middle Ground – Bookdummy PoC


Middle Ground, Bookdummy Proof of Concept, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

When I found myself in the midst of developing the Middle Ground project, I also went into a book development phase. I know that a photobook of some sort was where I would eventually end up with one at least aspect of the project. I think that I just knew from the beginning that the nature of the urban landscape that I was documenting would lend itself to a leporello (accordion) book design.

So it was serendipitous that while attending a photographic exhibit in Santa Monica, I went into the Japanese paper store Hiromi Pape, that was then located in the same complex (since relocated to Culver City; awesome paper store!). While there I came across some Drihon Accordion style notebooks. Wow! A pre-made accordion book with blank pages that I could utilize to develop the book concept for my project.

Two were two great aspects of this pre-made book; first it was small enough (4″ w x 6-1/2″ h) that would allow me to carry it around for show-n-tell and second it allowed me to create an 8″ x 6-1/2″ page spread. By paper-clipping in the various images I could see how the sequence flow for the Middle Ground book design might work.

Thus was born my Middle Ground bookdummy PoC (Proof of Concept). For those with a scientific background, the idea of PoC is probably a very familiar term; the actualization of a theory or concept into some tangible that proves that this idea is feasible.

I have been carrying this around with me for the past six plus months, which is why the accompanying photographs show a rather beat up bookdummy. Nevertheless, it has been a great show-n-tell bookdummy as well as a wonderful little platform to test some book layout ideas.





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